With more then 75 years of experience in the ceramic business, you can say that we, the 3 founding partners were born with a passion for Ceramics. All of us worked in the industry in various occupations, in which we have learned each aspect of the business, from development, production to sales. We decided to combine all that knowledge into creating a new Ceramic brand, which would embrace values as quality, originality, and creativity.

We started our journey in Italy, were we created some of our authentic designs. The Italians have always been known to share the same passion for Ceramic Tiles as we do. Choosing a new collection is not an easy task which should be taken lightly. Every change in color, or in the design can give a completely different look. We only want to provide unique products .

Our production is mostly done in Spain. It was obvious from the start, that we wanted to have products that are made in EU. We have such a rich Ceramic history in Europe that stands for quality and design, from countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal, only just a few days away. There were plenty of opportunities we just could not deny.

The rest is history, “Nordic Tile: Tiles developed in the South, but created in the North” was born. With several series in the catalogue and more to come, we hope we can share our passion with you!


Industriepark B24 unit 7
2220 Heist-op-den-berg

Phone: +32 15 24 32 35


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